We are on a mission

to change the image of

women in tech

We’re dedicated to inviting girls and women to the world of technology through helpful tips, resources and workshop classes. As female coders ourselves, we aim to help other aspiring female coders & entrepreneurs learn digital software and website-building through casual, friendly and intimate workshops.

We’re here to support and help women

get over their fear of anything techy

and prove that it can be fun!

Who is it for?

Coding for Her is for any female who was ever been too nervous or intimidated to join programming or tech classes, which are usually very large and impersonal. We totally get it! Embarking on something new and technical can be intimidating or overwhelming!

We believe that knowledge and mastery over tech is one of the most empowering skills a lady of any age can pick up today, opening up so many doors for her in design, business, entrepreneurship and more!

Both Denise and Amalina are extremely skilled and were patient when explaining the concepts/steps, and in guiding us one-on-one at times based on our own pace and website needs. I've learnt the basics and am very thankful!


Photoshop was something I was scared to learn because there are so many functions and tools. I enjoyed the 1 on 1 course with Coding for Her and felt really comfortable in asking questions and clarifying my doubts about design. They also taught me a lot of shortcuts as well as free tools that I can find online, to enhance my the design that I am working on. I am truly grateful for the time they took to teach and for the knowledge that they have shared with me.


We had a bit of issue with our software but both of you were very patient and tried your best to solve it. Thank you so much for all your guidance and for going the extra mile to ensure that we were on the right track. Thank you for sharing the websites! 🙂


I love how codingforher sets to empower ladies to give technology a shot and not be afraid of the technical aspect. I have learnt valuable technical skills that will help me create beautiful content for my brand through the photoshop class. And with the tips and tricks you guys gave in class (plus practice) I would be able to breeze through photoshop. Would definitely love to attend more lessons to continuously upgrade my skills! Thank you for creating an amazing platform and community for women to come together and learn from each other 🙂 You guys made me less afraid of anything technical!

Rabiatul Adawiyah

The important parts of basic coding is broken down simply! I enjoyed the exercises because it helps me understand the lesson better. When it comes to WordPress, I understand how to navigate around WordPress better and the useful plugins we can use for building websites. Amalina and Denise have been real patient and warm with us, it's a great environment to learn in.