Free 2019 Wall Calendar Printable!


It’s December, and you know what that means? Preparing calendars and planners for 2019!

We’ve been designing our own wall calendar, and we’ve wanted to share the goodness to our community as a free download!

  • Print these as an “engineering print” or  36″ x 24″ to allow for space for post-its and stickers.
  • Includes local holidays, school holidays and interesting world events like #internationalwomensday!
  • Includes a little different inspirational quote every month!

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Amalina is a web designer and developer who loves beautiful, clean and minimalist aesthetics and anything rose-gold. She has been dabbling in the web design industry for 10 years. When she's not designing or coding a new website, you'll probably find her spending most of her time gaming instead!

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