Women these days are an extremely motivated and powerful group. Raising children, starting their own businesses with perhaps very little formal business education, handling home affairs and family… the list goes on! I feel you babes, and so much respect to all the mumpreneurs out there! Do you wish there were more than 24 hours a day? Are you hot on the trail of success? Then you’re a likely candidate for business burnout, so let’s talk more on how we can prevent this!

Focus on self-care

Taking care of the home, babies and a business… sometimes it is difficult to focus on yourself. Remember to take some time off and focus on yourself, you can go for a massage (just 1 hour of bliss can mean a more refreshed and energetic you!), a relaxing walk alone, sleep, using a face mask, treat yourself with a gift after achieving your goals, the possibilities are endless. Go on, give yourself just an hour, you deserve it!


The more amazing your business is going, the harder it is to keep track of orders, delivery, customer service. Why not let the system do it for you, so you can focus your time on more important things? Keeping track of orders and payments from DMs, WhatsApp and Facebook Messages (sometimes all 3!) can be erroneous and time-intensive. The more enquiries and orders you get, the harder it is. See how you can automate things for example:

  1. Using an online e-commerce system like Shopify. Whenever someone DMs you, redirect them to your website. They can complete their orders there, checkout, make payment online all on their own. This cuts at least 3 tasks from your day for every order.
  2. Use an online invoicing software. I use a free software called Wave. This is by far the best invoicing software I have tried, and I’ve tried plenty. It is 100% free, allows you to create online invoices in mere seconds, allows credit card payment as well as send automatic reminders to people who’ve forgotten to pay! It can even generate PDFs to be printed for those who prefer hard-copies.

Remember ladies, it is all about cutting out the tedious and moving on with technology. Don’t be afraid to face technology head on, it may seem daunting at first – but trust me, it’ll help you!


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